Limestone Springs Fishing Preserve

Supplied with artesian spring water from a 19th century limestone quarry, Aqua-life Inc.'s Limestone Springs Trout Hatchery and Fishing Preserve near Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, offers recreational rainbow trout fishing daily all year around (excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day), as well as trout stocking and food service trout products year round. What was once a portion of the historic Union Canal is now a series of pools teaming with ready to catch and eat trout. Experts and novice fisherman alike can enjoy a day's fishing with no Pa. Fishing License required! We ask you to keep all trout caught, which are purchased by the pound at check-out. Complimentary ice is available to chill your catch immediately, preserving the best in freshness and taste. Picnic tables, benches, a pavilion and peace and quiet are available for your packed picnic. Boxed lunches can be ordered from nearby restaurants. Snacks, bait, rods, essential tackle, ice, and trout cleaning are also offered at our new check-in pavilion.

The Farm

With up to 12,000 gallons/minute of natural limestone spring water flowing continuously through the farm, Limestone Springs has demonstrated annual production as high as 750,000 pounds/year. While spring flows vary, which influences the amount of trout we can hold, the facility can maintain a consistent output of over 500,000 pounds annually.

Hatching trout eggs is not rocket science but does take a great deal of attention and gentle care. Since 2004, our hatch house has been up-fitted with new upflow incubators, which bathe eggs in fresh flowing water until they hatch into fry. By ONLY hatching eggs that are certified DISEASE FREE we start with the best chance of raising healthy, adult trout. Fry grow to fingerlings in the hatch house, where with our new trough and oxygen supplements, we can hold them for up to three months before they begin their journey through the farm. Fingerlings are graded by hand and sorted by size as they are stocked in the beginning raceways on “The Hill”. As they grow, we continue to sort the larger from the smaller, providing more and more room to grow until eventually 8 to 10 inch fish are placed in one of 60 grow out raceways on the main farm. From egg to 14 inches takes about 20 months. The unique system of water use in the raceway style farm allows year-round harvest, ideally suited to supply our food service customers with the freshest trout possible.

After careful evaluation, Silver Cup feed from Utah was selected as the primary ration for our trout. “Only the Best” is our motto when it comes to feeding and in the fish business, “you are what you eat” relates directly to the quality of our product. Silver Cup is the best feed we can buy, and we are proud to serve it to our fish.

Online Store

Now you can order online from the comfort of your own home via credit card, and delivered to your doorstep! Brine & Trout exclusively available from Limestone Springs Preserve. Go to the Online Store page to order your shipment today!

hickory smoked rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout Fishing

» Fish Stocked Regularly
» Fun for People of All Ages
» Now Open All Year Round!!! (Excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day)
»8 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Daily
» Fish Cleaning Also Available All Year Round!
» No Fishing License Needed
» No Limit on Number of Trout Caught
» Corn, Worms, Hooks, and Ice Available
» Rod Rentals
» Picnic Area Available for Fishermen, Their Family and Guests

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“We stock fish”
Pennsylvania trout farmers stock trout. We're no exception! Whether a dozen or so 12 inchers for your backyard pond, or thousands of pounds for a fishing rodeo or sportsmen club season, Limestone Springs is a great choice. Picked-up or delivered, we guarantee LIVE TROUT! Place your orders early to reserve your delivery date.

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Phone: (717) 866-2461

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Limestone Springs Fishing Preserve
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